Sunday, 29 October 2006

new socks

I started another pair of socks last night. Machine washable 5 ply in a pretty, deep aqua colour.

I decided to treat myself and my fingers which have been aching a bit lately, so took out my rosewood 2.75mm dpns. They are lovely to use and I really enjoy them. However, the pattern I chose has a ribbed ladder alternating with cables. Cables and rosewood? Not a good mix. I did every cable holding my breath in case they snapped. Now that is one way to really slow down the knitting.

Not only that but the 5 ply on that size needle made a very stiff fabric which was not fun to knit at all. This morning I decided to be sensible about the rosewoods and got out some steel needles. It was that or my beautiful caseins which would have the same problem as the rosewoods. SNAP! Then I remembered the stiff fabric and decided I needed to go up a size.

I could find only two 3mm needles. I have no idea what happened to the rest of the set. It's not a size a use very much at all. Because the pattern is 14 stitches, I decided to use five dpns, although I much prefer four. So I have 3 smaller needles and two larger. I thought I would just give it a go and see what it looked like for a couple of cables, knowing I could always frog it. It doesn't look too bad, much to my surprise. I have no worry abot snapping needles and the fabric is much more pliant but still fairly close knit. There is a slight mark where I changed needles, but there won't be on the second sock. If anyone is looing so closely at my ankles as to see the difference, then good luck to them. I'm thinking that perhaps even this may disappear somewhat in the wash. I'm getting used to the five needles. I've done it before and it certainly makes the pattern easy to see but I prefer the rigidity of the triangle formed by three needles and knitting with the fourth.

Saturday, 28 October 2006

sock purse

Another present for Christmas, somewhat of an experiment. This, I hope, will become a small change purse for Miss Six. It's actually the same colour blue as the scarf below, just taken in a different light.

The curved thing you can see is the purse frame and I'm not sure how well I will be able to put the two together. We'll see.

The pattern is a mosaic slip stitch which makes a very firm fabric.Two rows of the blue, then change colour. Knit 2 with new colour, slip 1. Two rows like this, then repeat the four rows. Easy and effective.

It took some experimenting to find what I think is the right number of stitches for the frame. This was done on 3.25 mm needles with 21 stitches.

Christmas gifts

I'm making a set of finger puppets for one of the grandchildren at Christmas. This is the first I did. he yarn is some leftover Caressa and the beads used for eyes were leftovers from the Caressa Odessa hat I made for a daughter in law.

His trunk seems to have a kink in it. He needs a bit of blocking, but if the kink stays, I'm not really bothered by it.

The pattern is in the 2007 Knitting Pattern a day Calendar. I usually have trouble finding this calendar but was walking along a city street a week ago and passed Borders. There they were in the window, so I bought one. Not only have I now bought it, but I've been through and made a note of the thingsI want to make. There are lots of things I would never consider, things I have no one to give to and so on. However, I still like the concept.

MIL is now in the nursing sectionof the home after the seventh hip dislocation and the third hip replacement. She won't do the physiotherapy and so can not look after herself. She hates getting out of bed and has now lost the hostel room she had. We had to clean it out for a new occupant. She had a whole heap of costume jewllery, most of it junk Strange really for someone whose brother was a wholesale jeweller with access to good stones and manufacturers. I have sorted it and kept the good stuff. I've given the DILs and grandaughters some keepsakes. There was a pile of broken junk and I was going to toss it. However, perhaps I'll have another rethink abut this. I could use some of the beads.


I've done a few scarves but not photographed them. Several have been given away as posted hugs for those in need. This is done in Patons Zhivago and the colour here is reasonable. Perhaps there is a bit more aqua in real life.

The scarf looks as if it was done on the diagonal. Very easy. Every second row, increase one stitch at beginning of row, and knit the last two stitches of that row together. The eyelet rows are done on every ninth row and actually go straight across, although the increase/decrease makes them seem on a slope.

I had trouble taking the photograph. It was very windy outside and every place I tried to pose the scarf saw it blowing to the ground. It still twisted on the end, a combination of being still unblocked and the wind. Those rolls in the background? Not what you possibly think they are. Rolls of some offcut floor vinyl, kept by my husband "as they might come in useful."


I have been doing some knitting, although things were given away before phtographs were taken. Several scarves, a few pairs of socks, two pairs of slippers... However, life has been very busy and I haven't done much for the last couple of weeks. Canteen finishes next week, so hopefully I'll have some more time available.

saturday sky

I thought I'd try beta blogger and see what it was like. I've never been able to upload images on the old blogger template. I've always had to work through Flickr, so if this works, then that's a step saved. All my old posts are still available at at the old blog.

This is a rose which started out in a pot. I think the pot is still there but the rose now has roots in the ground. The hot, dry weather we have had this spring has produced beautiful displays of roses around Sydney. Unfortunately it hasn't done much good for the rest of the garden and certainly not much good for crops and farms.

Yes, there is some sky. This picture was taken quite early, so the sky was washed out in colour. My husband is driving to Bourke today and left early with a friend, about 5:15 am for at least a ten hour drive. It's light very early, not long after 4:00 am, although dalyight savings kicks in tonight.