Saturday, 28 October 2006

saturday sky

I thought I'd try beta blogger and see what it was like. I've never been able to upload images on the old blogger template. I've always had to work through Flickr, so if this works, then that's a step saved. All my old posts are still available at at the old blog.

This is a rose which started out in a pot. I think the pot is still there but the rose now has roots in the ground. The hot, dry weather we have had this spring has produced beautiful displays of roses around Sydney. Unfortunately it hasn't done much good for the rest of the garden and certainly not much good for crops and farms.

Yes, there is some sky. This picture was taken quite early, so the sky was washed out in colour. My husband is driving to Bourke today and left early with a friend, about 5:15 am for at least a ten hour drive. It's light very early, not long after 4:00 am, although dalyight savings kicks in tonight.

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Anonymous said...

Love your website, esp, the Cables & Ladder pattern. Never saw a jacaranda tree (bush?) before. So much fun to have international friends. Finger puppets are great for the grandchildren. Thanks for that great idea.
Chris in Michigan's Upper Peninsula