Saturday, 28 October 2006


I've done a few scarves but not photographed them. Several have been given away as posted hugs for those in need. This is done in Patons Zhivago and the colour here is reasonable. Perhaps there is a bit more aqua in real life.

The scarf looks as if it was done on the diagonal. Very easy. Every second row, increase one stitch at beginning of row, and knit the last two stitches of that row together. The eyelet rows are done on every ninth row and actually go straight across, although the increase/decrease makes them seem on a slope.

I had trouble taking the photograph. It was very windy outside and every place I tried to pose the scarf saw it blowing to the ground. It still twisted on the end, a combination of being still unblocked and the wind. Those rolls in the background? Not what you possibly think they are. Rolls of some offcut floor vinyl, kept by my husband "as they might come in useful."

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