Thursday, 9 November 2006

cables and ladders

Here's the pair finished, although it's a bit hard to see there are actually two socks. I haven't even pressed these as I often do for a photo. I never use sock blockers but do give them a once over with the steam iron to look better in photos.

The tension in the second pair is a lot tighter. I hadn't noticed till I was well down the sock. I was given some unwelcome news as I started casting on and the result shows. I've sort of hidden it in the photo. LOL. As the sock is for me and it still fits, I did nothing about it.

I have had tension changes show up like this in the past, but nothing as noticeable as this is.

The pattern was really easy to memorise and to do and the changing of the rungs on the ladder part made the sock go quickly. I'll do this again. I'm thinking of a darker pair for #1 grandson's birthday in January. He loves hand knitted socks from me. Unfortunately he is growing quickly and his feet, while skinnier, are almost as long as mine. That probably really should mean "fortunately he is growing." There would be something wrong if he didn't grow. He turns 8 early in the new year.

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Cheryl said...

Your socks are all so beautiful. You do very nice work. You also do such a nice job displaying them for photos.