Tuesday, 28 November 2006

computer problems

My net access has been down for at least a week. I'm using my husband's computer ina very crowded workspace with a really disgusting keyboard. I don't know when he cleaned it last,it's really grotty and I don't like using it at all. The touch is awful and it goes clackety clack. Not conducive to use.

I've been knitting. Another two pairs of socks finished, yeah two fewer UFOs! I'm working on a baby jumper, knit sideways.

Somehow I've strained my right index finger, so have done no knitting for a couple of days. Swelling is going now, so perhaps tomorrow. It's supposd to get to 35° here in the city, so I won't be going out to post my TimTams to the winners of my contest. They would melt before they even left the PO here. However, they have been bought and will be on their way soon.


Knitting Rose said...

I hate gross computer keyboards too! I won't use my DH computer either. I love the pinwheel jacket on your sidebar - I want to see the baby jumper though!

Nathalie said...

finally I can see where you are again! I was really worried about you and thought that something dreadful may have befallen you. Thank goodness, it was not the case, huh! That pinwheel jacket is on Caitlyn's list for next year!
glad I've gotten back onto you! Nat