Saturday, 4 November 2006

saturday sky or promises, promises

This is a phone camera photo, so the jacaranda in the foreground does not show the flowers with much any clarity.

We've had lovely grey skies here for a couple of days, but very little rain has fallen. All of the state is in deep drought conditions and Sydney's total water storage has officially fallen to below 40%. Our main dam has been below that for many months, but now the whole of the supply is below that figure.

We desperately need rain, weeks of it.

Clicking on image will give you a larger photo which looks more like a painting than a photo, thanks to mobile phone and the light!

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Anonymous said...

It is a lovely and refreshing new blog Jan. I am almost tempted to change over but as they say "if it aint broke done fix it" and I have never had any trouble with my old one.
But this one of yours is just sooo lovely. Thanx 4 sharing.