Friday, 3 November 2006

sensational knitted socks

I'm still working on the first of a pair of socks from some Cleckheaton 5 ply crepe from the stash. Again a pretty aqua colour. I think it must be the approach of summer which chose this colour. I made a scarf last week in it, now the socks and the other day bought myself a top in a similar colour. I must remember to take a photo tomorrow when I do the Saturday sky thing.

I was in the city this morning and called into the newish Border's bookshop in Pitt St. I've been to Kinokuniya's knitting section and decided to check out Borders. There weren't as many books, but some were quite different to Kinokuniya's range. If I had lots of spare cash, I could easily have got rid of quite a bit of it this morning.

I've really been wanting to see Charlene Scurch's Sensational Knitted Socks. There it was, on the shelf! I extricated the book from the packed shelf and found a seat. Hmmm. I wasn't impressed with the quality of the binding. It looked to me as if the spine could easily break. It didn't want to open flat and I wasn't going to force it and break it. Spiral binding would have been good and spiral binding contained within a harder cover would have been even better. The book was brightly laid out and seemed to have lots of explanatory type notes. Perhaps a bit too chatty, but that's just my opinion. There were lots of patterns and I recognised some of them from stitch dictionaries. Now I'm not complaining about that. After all, knitting is only about combining plain and purl stitches and most patterns around could be reverse engineered or found in books. The skill is in fitting the stitch pattern to the garment(sock) pattern so that both the sock and the stitch are displayed to advantage. Then the pattern needs to be written up clearly.

I had just about convinced myself to buy the book when I turned it over and checked the price. I should have done that in the first instance. Basically AUS$54.00. Perhaps if I get some Christmas money, I might think about it.

The book is available from Amazon for US$16.95, originally US$24.95. Even adding 25% to the dearer price and allowing for postage, I doubt it would come to $54.

Update later that night: I have actually ordered this from Amazon. Using the cheapest postage, the total was marginally over AUS$37 - somewhat cheaper than Borders? I don't need it immediately, so what is a couple of weeks, even a month in having it get here? The exchange rate was US$1=AUS 0.76. I should have done this yesterday. The rate was up another 1.5 cents!

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Jo said...

I bought the book from Amazon also... much cheaper than purchasing it here in Oz