Saturday, 18 November 2006

some things finished

I've finished the Wildfoote socks shown below and have also finished the first Westport Wave sock, also below in honey yellow. I'm baby sitting grandchildren most of tomorrow. I'd like to think I will get a fair bit of the second of that pair done. However, past experience has shown that I often do little or no knitting out there till they get to bed. By that time I'm usually past knitting myself!

I bought this book, from Tapestry Craft through the week. (It says Issue 6 when link ids clicked, but book is Moda 7.) I've made the little green jumper on the top line for a pregnant friend. She's been a long time getting pregnant and I really wanted to give her something on the announcement and probably something else later too. All in garter stitch and done in 8 ply Heirloom, it knitted up quickly. Some booties to match from the same book.

I'm also doing the bone jumper on the top line in size 1 for another little person I know. It's knitted sideways in a rib. This is done in an 8 ply Cleckheaton crepe.

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