Friday, 10 November 2006

westport waves

I always like to have some socks on the needles, even if I have other things on the go too.

They are easy to pick up and grab as I go out the door and are not very big to carry. I've had some lovely conversations in the train with people who spoke to me about knitting socks, including one with a quite elderly German lady who cried when she realised that people still knit socks today. She made them for her sons who were now well into their fifties. She had told them she would no longer knit them, but she thought she might reconsider after seeing mine and realising how much she missed doing socks.

These are Betty's socks - Westport Waves. They are one of Jeane Townsend's many beautiful designs which are in the Townsend Sock Knitalong. You need to be a member to access the patterns and the group can be found on the Yahoo group page. She has heaps of lovely patterns, all well written. I've made quite a few of them. There are now also patterns by other members and they look good too, although I haven't yet made any. The group is a lovely one, very chatty and friendly with lots of international members.

This pattern is super easy. There are only four rows and really only one row of pattern which is very easy. I'm using my beloved rosewood needles. The pattern puts no stress on them as a cable would do. I'm careful about using them as they were a gift and are are pretty well out of my price bracket. I think these were about $35AUS from Tapestry Craft.


inukshuk71 said...

Very beautiful Jan. I've had my eye on this pattern for a long time. I think I shall make it soon too. Those rosewood needles look so beautiful too. I can understand you take special care of them. Congrats!

jakesterdog said...

please can I have the pattern for the Westport Waves. I would be so grateful.\Carol

Jan said...


Instructions to get pattern are in the post. It's Jeanie's pattern so I will not just pass it on.

Anonymous said...

Your westport Socks are very pretty. couldn't figure out how to reply and use I.D.