Thursday, 9 November 2006

wildfoote socks

Here's an almost finished UFO. This is the Wildfoote yarn I wrote about in my old BLOGGER knitting blog. I was doing these at work in slack and idle moments, so it's taken me a while. (I work for and by myself, so knitting is OK!) I had put them up out of reach of 15 month grandson and so had forgotten about them.

I'm coming down the home stretch on the foot, so there's not much to go. The Wildfoote is beautiful to feel and knit, although I am still not keen on the colour. It's an OK colour, just not what I thought it would be. I've looked at several pages of their colours and they are all different, even from those who sell the wool. Monitors show things differently to real life, but I've never seen such a difference before.

It was a while ago that I started this pair and I have completely forgotten the name of the pattern. If anyone recognises it, please leave a note and I'll add it.

Later: It's possible that this pattern is an adaptation of Gail Dennis's Lacy Trellis socks. I've even cleaned up the piece of paper I had it printed on. Whatever. Gail's socks are very pretty, so have a look at them too.

Clicking on image will give an enlargement.

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Anonymous said...

kinda looks like"lombard street" designed by susan pierce lawrence. it was a pattern from magknits. i just finished a pair that looks just like this pair except for a hemmed picot cuff. can i have some timtams for guessing hopefully correctly?
(very big grin)