Wednesday, 20 December 2006

Can I load a photo?

I'm about to try loading from my new computer. Let's see...Well, it seems to have worked, although it took me a while to find and pinpoint the photo.

This is Susannah, the mother of John and Charles Wesley, who helped me by modelling some hats, scarves and wrist warmers some months ago, along with Wesley, short for John. She had eleven children and was a remarkable woman in the seventeenth century in England, running a church as well as her home with no labour saving devices and few servants, and preaching when her husband was in prison or away . Her preaching was more popular than his and she drew a much larger congregation than he did, much to his chagrin.

This is a shrug for my youngest granddaughter as part of her Christmas present. It's made from Heirloom Breeze from Ozeyarn I bought it from Juliana a couple of years ago and didn't make it up then. The shrug pattern comes from here (PDF file), and was well set out and easy to follow. It's really just three rectangles of basically a feather and fan pattern. The only messy bit which i am sorry I tried, although i can see why it was written like that, was to work both sleeves at once from both ends of the yarn. I stopped and did them one at a time, guessing on how long to make them so I would have enough yarn. I was getting in such a mess and tangle that I couldn't stand it.

I have three balls of the Breeze left and will use them for a shrug for her sister, aged 4. They are different colours, a softblue/mauve and two shades of her beloved pink. That's her up on right side bar, wearing her Elann pinwheel jacket. She's a very slight little girl, although her sister is sturdy, so I will just make it a bit longer in the back and sleeves before the ruffle and do some stripes.

I enjoyed using the Breeze. It's soft and knits easily. I split it a couple of times, but that's all. It feels soft and the stretch from the Lycra in it will mean that the one pattern fits both girls. There's a large amount of cotton in it, a small amount of wool and a bit of lycra. Having used it once, I might get some more. I like it.

The shrug didn't take me long. 24 hours from start to finish, although I certainly wasn't knitting all that time!


Talk about a mess! First my net access goes for WEEKS. Then computer slowed to a nasty crawl and I now have a new one.

Then access was patchy and very limited.

Then Google decided to turn nasty and lock me out of my mail which I had looked at only 30 minutes previously, and also out of this blog. It has taken 90 minutes of fussing and emails etc, but hopefully it's sorted no and I have a note of everything new. Sometimes you just can't beat good old paper and pen. LOL Talk about an unfriendly help process. Unhelpful too.

Now in a new post, I'm about to try loading a photo from tis new computer which i am slowly adjusting to after using PCs since the mid 70s. Hopefully I won't have to revert to Flickr as it's much quicker from computer.