Tuesday, 9 January 2007

bamboo needles

I'm enjoying these bamboo needles which I bought before Christmas at Tapestry Craft's sale. I've bought their bamboo circulars before and hated them as the yarn seemed to catch on the tiny bulby bit at the join of cable and needle.

I bought these because of the length, 15 cm or about 5" and cast on another sock last night. They are wonderful. They are very smooth and easy to hold and while they look slippery, they aren't. The wool moves very smoothly but there is no slipperiness to them.

I'll get some more. These are AUS$11.20 on full price. The sale was less 20%.

Clicking on image will give a bigger picture. The background is an apron from the Oxfam shop in Sydney. It was a present to me from one DIL. (I run a small canteen and need an apron in food preparation.) It was made in Nepal from material woven by a co-operative of Nepalese women who also make the finished article. She also gave me some fairtrade chocolate but I'm afraid I can't show you that as it's all been eaten! There was a lovely book called Bittersweet Chocolate which has some wonderful recipes using chocolate in it. Interspersed with the recipes are pages detailing the hardships of cocoa producers at the grassroots level and some of the history of the fairtrade movement. I sound like a chocaholic. I'm not really and I hardly ever buy it. When I do buy some, it's the super dark stuff 75-85% cocoa solids and I have just one piece at a time. Unfortunately, that's dearer than Cadbury junk and I don't buy anything Nestlé. As for compound stuff like most commercial Easter eggs or Snickers/Mars bars etc... Ooops, I don't remember climbing on that particular hobby horse. I'll get down now.

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Anonymous said...

I have some of those needles too, Jan. They were the first 15cm I ever used, and they converted me to short DPNS forever!