Tuesday, 9 January 2007

more socks done

GRRR! I've tried about ten times to post a photo of the socks I finished last night. Nothing doing, it just will not load. It's from the same roll as the picture below and I was posting minutes after that last enry, so I'm assuming it's BLOGGER.

In the picture below is some wool from Katie at Live2 knit. That is wool to be dyed, althugh I'm leaving it as it is. Superwash merino. Have a look at her site. The picture I can't post is the Monet colourway, very aptly named, the colours do indeed remind me of Monet paintings. Unfortunately, you can't see the lovely lacy pattern on the leg or the super neat picot edge.

I really like the yarn from both Katie and the Knittery and as they are both Australian, postage is heaps better than coming from OS. Lovely colours and beauriful soft wool which is gorgeous to knit and wear. Have a look too at Katie's lovely lace weight and the variety she has in materials.

Now I have half a sideways jumper to knit for a young baby boy I know. It won't be needed for several months and I'm making a size 1, so no problems with fit.

I want to do some more hats and scarves for the church to give away, but really don't have anything else much planned. I'm not on the so-called official yarn diet, but I am being careful to avoid temptation, particularly in the area of sock wool. I really have lots at the moment.

Oh, oh. Just remembered the lace wool I bought at Tapestry Craft. I've tried a few shawls with it and ripped them out. I want something for me, probably rectangular, lacy but not too complicated but still stunning. Don't want much, do I? If I keep the wool where I can see it, I'l be thinking of it and some pattern I like will turn up.


Sheeprustler said...

Hi Jan, that starfish pattern on the back of the little jacket is so adorable!

I'm afraid it wasn't me who posted about the Australian charity knitting, and I can't help you there, though I thoroughly agree that it is better to do it here than for overseas (or at least not sending it overseas). I guess a bit of googling or checking with other people is alll I can suggest.

Anonymous said...

There are lots of rectangular shawls in the new book Victorian Lace Today.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering what wool you used for the pinwheel jacket? It looks lovely :-)