Thursday, 4 January 2007

ooops, or how could I be so stupid

I hope I don't have too many posts in this new category of sheer stupidity.

Late yesterday, I decided to watch the 5th cricket test on TV. Spurred on by finishing two UFOs earlier that day, I picked up a pair of socks. I've done one of them and love them. Absolutely gorgeous wool from Katie at Live 2 knit. Colourway named Monet. Lovely colours.

So I find I'm part way down the shortrow heel. No problems. Off I go, paying little attention to the knitting except when I wrapped the stitch. Somehow it's become my practice to not look at the heel until I've done a couple of full rounds after the heel. Then I admire the neat row of heel stitches.

So I finished the heel, picked up a couple of extra stitches at the corner, did a few rounds, decreasing the stitches and looked at my handiwork. Yikes!!

I had turned a heel twice, so I had a very peculiar looking sock dangling from my needles. Sheer stupidity on my part and I have no idea how I actually managed ot do it. I know why I didn't see it at first.

Perhaps I should have taken a photo. I was so cranky that I ripped it out altogether, right back to the very beginning of turning the heel. I've picked it up and am almost finished the heel again and can now laugh about it.

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amanda j said...

Oh dear. Must be one of those weeks! I have been having all sorts of trouble. Very jealous if you can turn a heel without looking!