Wednesday, 3 January 2007

there's more than one way to wear a sock!!

At the weekend I had an eye infection. Unfortunately this meant no knitting and no computer either.

Eyes wept copiously and were very swollen. To me they felt like golfballs, although the mirror showed they weren't quite that size. I was quite uncomfortable and wondred how well I would sleep. Then - an idea.

I had a cold compress in the fridge in the shape of a mardi gras type mask for the eyes only. It was far too cold to put straight on my face, so I burrowed in the bottom of the sock drawer and found an old narrow, ribbed sock made from Lion Brand magic stripes. Just the thing I needed as the ribs meant the mask was confined.

I lay most of the night on my back with the cold mask on and found that I surprisingly slept quite well. Not only did I sleep, but the eyes were much improved the next morning.

Fortunately, I have no photo to show you. It must have looked very strange. Me on my back with a purple striped sock carefully positioned over my eyes. I'm glad my husband didn't think of a photo as he went past in the morning.

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