Saturday, 10 February 2007

african babies

I've been trying for days to upload some photos. I know there have been troubles with BLOGGER, but I think there are problems on my side as well with new programs. Have booked a tutorial session with son, computer guru. I'm sure it's just some little thing I haven't yet clicked with on the Apple after just on 30 years of using a PC.

I really don't like the term "charity knitting." I find it somewhat superor sounding, although I know others have no problems with it. However, I have done several lots of knitting with this end in mind.

Currently I'm knitting jumpers for litttle babies with AIDS in Africa. One knitting group I belong to is seeing how many of these we can do by the end of March. We currently have a goal, which I think should be readily attainable of 50 jumpers. These little babies are often wrapped in newspaper because there is nothng else to keep them warm. Some 16,000 jumpers have already been delivered with a further 12,000 ready to go when there are funds for shipping. If you think you would like to help, see aussie_knitters. You need to join the group to obtain the patterns and patterns also for hats and bootees which are in the files. Volume of mail is not overwhelming and you can go "no mail" or digest if you want. (once you join, patterns and details are in the FILES section on the group's page. There's is also a section for these knits in the photo section.)

I have five small grandchildren and the thought of wrapping any of them in newspaper would break my heart.

I've done a jumper and three hats now and will do at least another jumper soon. It's a funny little pattern with seams only on the side. Lots of ribbing to make it accommodate several sizes of baby. It looks a bit strange when knitted, but the organisers say the patten works and that's the main thing. All done in 8 ply (DK) so it's a quick knit.

I'm also doing the current socks from the Six Sock Knitalong. The pattern is called Eiffel Tower and is knitted toe up. I have problems getting the length right on toe up socks. I seem to make them too big for me. Easy toe and easy pattern and I think if they were knitted cuff down it would not be an Eiffel Tower but an icecream cone..

I bought Simple Knits for Cherished Babies last week. I've made a simple little cardigan for a pregnant young friend. Gorgeous stuff in the book.

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Anonymous said...

I have been knitting for Paul O'Grady's African Babies Hat Appeal. Unfortunately I have no address to send the completed items
to. HELP Please.