Thursday, 19 April 2007

at long last

Donna, the owner of the Aussie webring listed here, sent me a friendly reminder yesterday about updating. Yes, it's been a while and I've had a lot on my plate, most of it quite stressful. I haven't updated here, my other blog has also been sadly neglected, as have my Yahoo knitting groups.

Mum, who turned 87 last Saturday had a staph infection in her hand where a germ got in when she gashed it in the garden. 4 different lots of antibiotics and a repeat on each. She's been fragile, due I think, as much to the antibiotics and their effect on her, as to the infection which is a common one in hospitals.

My sister had a couple of ambulance trips to hospital with very irregular heart beat. She takes medication for it, but the stress of the renewed cancer treatment overruled them. She was also in a critical care bed in the ICU for several days after a full hysterectomy. None of this helped Mum. Both are now recovering, but slowly.

Things haven't been easy at home but I've been unwinding this week. My husband left last Saturday for several weeks overseas and I was surprised how long it has taken for me to unkink some very taut muscles. I don't usually comfort eat, but have been making things for dinner which he hates. And I've bought some wool. Comfort stash expansion. LOL Then there's been work related stress and I very nearly threw it all in there, but I think things are sorted now.

The ball with the needles comes from Daphne at the Knittery. It's sock wool, colour called Kilim. I think the colours are fantastic and I also can't recommend Daphne's service highly enough. I've had sock wool from her before and it's just gorgeous to touch, knit and wear. Very prompt delivery too. The needles are 2.5 mm Brittany birch, 5".

The rest comes from Bendigo as can be seen from the labels. The sock wool is the ahem,,,unbranded stuff we all know down here which costs twice as much in the shop. They had only light or dark grey and the burgundy. It was $4/50 gm.

All the rest is 8 ply in 200 gm balls. The three dark blue are in the Mystique range, 75% wool, 15% mohair and the remainder alpaca. It was $16/200gm and is called Britannia. I prefer the Colonial pure wool range, but much of the rest is destined for grandkids and is Classic, machine wash. I love the dark brown, Mulga and the sort of aqua, Seaquest. The dark, single ball is Venetian and the lighter brown is Pampas. All the Classic was $10.70/200 gm.

I've been doing some knitting. Made myself the Tahoe jacket from Knitty. I enjoyed the knitting but hate the result. Tension was fine but the thing just looks awful on me. I've thrown it in a corner while I decide what to do. Rip it and reuse the wool, try and fix. This is decidedly not appealing. I could even cut and make bags and felt them or perhaps even try felting it to be a jacket. The last is an unlikely fix. If it doesn't sit right now, felting probably won't help that.

I've done little hats for African AIDS babies but have only done two jumpers there. A couple of pairs of socks and I'm almost finished a pair of Hedera socks, ( don't have link handy) in a grey/green St Ives sock wool from stash.


/Karen/ said...

Would it help if you blocked it?

Jan said...

Blocking? I don't think so. I think it's just not really my garment. I don't make much for myself and was disappointed in this. I'll try blocking again, but I blocked each piece to the schematics diagram before I put it together.