Sunday, 29 April 2007

Front finished

This morning I have to pick up stitches from placket opening for the front of Master 2's hoodie.

I got myself into an awful tangle last night. After the stitches were bound off for the opening, the directions suggested using a second ball and working both sides at the same time. My problem was that I was using a 200 gm ball. I carefully fished out the brown from the inside of the ball and wound some up. Somewhat of a guess as I had no idea how much I would use. Of course, I still have some left on that ball and I'll have to use it in the sleeves. There were only a couple of 2-row stripes of the blue, so I decided to use the end of that ball without actually cutting it. I'm glad there wasn't much to knit as I had a horrible tangle by working both sides. It almost looked as if my knitting mother cat had been at it while I slept. I could just manage to pull through what I had to use.

I'm not sure why that was suggested. Practically anything else that that I can remember ever knitting had one side worked, yarn cut and rejoined and other side done, reversing the directions. The directions were exceedingly simple. Knit 10 cm, cast off 5 for neck opening and then one at neck edge in two more rows. No problem reversing that. Not even any shoulder shaping

Next time I'll follow my own instincts.

I'm considering whether to make it with the hood or to pick up stitches and make a collar. Finn doesn't much like hats and a hood is probably warmer than he needs in the winter. A collar would be sufficient.

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