Saturday, 26 May 2007

half a ball of rooster almerino makes...

I loved the feel of the almerino shown below and wondered what to do with it.

I divided the ball into two and decided to make some wrist warmers as my hands had been freezing on the walk to the bus last week. To divide it, I did weigh it on my fairly accurate kitchen scales, but I also used the time honoured rather than scientifically accurate measure that one yard was the distance between the tip of my nose and the end of my outstretched arm. I roughly followed the pattern for my Winding Road Socksmade some time ago. I've only done the one but will do the other tomorrow ready for Monday morning. When I came to the ribbing at the top, I unwound my little ball, measured what I thought I would need for the cast off, tied a slip knot at that point, and worked the ribbing to the knot. I have about half a metre left over. The warmers are a good length and feel beautiful on my hands.

Again, the colour is not accurate. More teal, less aqua.


I received a pleasant surprise in the mail yesterday. Brittany needles, 4 mm in size with unusual ends. Also in the long tube were the two balls of wool shown. The Rooster almerino DK is 50% merino and 50% baby alpaca, 112 metres, 50g and is beautifully soft. Colour in the photo is fairly accurate. Its tension shows as DK. The red is Dale of Norway Heilo and it's not quite as red as shown here, more of a maroon. I think it's worsted weight, although I haven't checked with my references yet.

These were all a thank you gift for something I did for someone else a little while ago. I wasn't expecting any recompense. I acted because I thought that some large multinational company might very well be pulling the wool over the eyes of a small Aussie group. I wasn't really thinking when I used the phrase pulling the wool over the eyes but it's an apt phrase in this case! It seems my suspicions had some base as was shown by my actions and those of quite a few other knitters.

Winter seems to have finally decided to arrive here this year. It was quite chilly as I walked down to the bus at 6:45 the ast few mornings. It's about a 15 minute walk and the temperature was just on 8°. My hands were quite cold as I had stuff to carry. So I'm thinking the Rooster alpaca/merino might turn into some wristwarmers for me. I do have good gloves, but the alpaca sounds inviting.

project spectrum, april/may 2007

The current colours are pink, yellow and green. I've had plans for some arty-farty type projects and presentations, but life has got in the way of these. Lots going on, much of it unsettling and unpleasant and certainly most of it quite busy. So arty-farty gave way to utilitarian.

The little pink hat is not quite the right colour. It really is pink-pink, not purple-pink and it's for the African AIDS babies charity, along with other jumpers and hats. I wasn't careful enough with the photo. I've just noticed I put the hat down seam side up. Its pattern shows it's knitted flat, decreases done and then seamed. i did do a couple on dpns, but actually found the tiny size worked quite well done flat and then seamed. A very quick knit with their pattern and 8 ply, DK wool.

The little creamy yellow sock is for Miss Two. Meant to be a bed sock, it's also DK and took next to no time to make. Second sock is on the way. She gets very cold feet at night. At least she can now tell her parents what's wrong if she wakes. When she was smaller, it took them a while to work out that she had cold feet when she woke in the night and cried. It's feather and fan, but that doesn't show too well becaue there are really only two repeats. I've done them on 2.75 mm dpns, so the fabric is quite firm. Cleckheaton machine wash wool, but I must tell DIL that the dryer probably is not a good idea. I still have ends to weave in on this but will wait till sock#2 is done and do the two together.

I don't know what the name of the plant is. It was part of a birthday present last year for me from my mother. The outside of the leaves are very dark green, while the inside is definitely a deep pink/purple. The leaves are not waxy, but fairly soft. It's quite different to most of my other potplants and I like it. I think that the purple leaves are actually influencing the colour of the little pink hat somewhat. Anyway, I had the plant so used the colours for project spectrum.

The next project spectrum colours for June/July are red, black and metallics. I have red and black but metallics are not usually my scene. However, I'm considering something more metal than metallic perhaps. I might do some beaded serviette rings in wire for my sister's birthday,coming up in September. Or perhaps red and black wristwarmers with metallic couched threads. Hmmm, now that's a thought.

Sunday, 20 May 2007

saturday sky 2

It was an absolutely beautiful day yesterday and everything was clean and shiny from the rain. We went about an hour's drive north to #3 son's place. Miss Six was using my camera and took this which I've cropped a bit. I loved the contrast between the sky and the trees, so have put in a second Saturday sky post. This was in their backyard where we had a BBQ and where I did no knitting as I forgot to pack it.

This is Miss Six, getting ready to wear her roller blades in the park next door. No prizes for guessing what colour she likes me to knit her socks in!


The burgundy socks, shown here incomplete were finished weeks ago, along with a pair using up some bits from the stash for Master Eight's four year old sister. These had yellow feet and pink and yellow stripes on the leg. They each love their socks, but I gave them away before I took photos. I've done that several times lately, much to my annoyance. I took the camera to their place today where we had lunch, but left the battery in the charger at home.

I had made a purple and yellow sock for Miss Two and the needle broke as related several posts below. Now I have new needles, I can't find the first sock, so may start on a thicker pair which she will wear at night as she gets very cold feet, cold enough to wake her, and her parents of course, up.

Saturday, 19 May 2007

saturday sky

Here's a different angle. I usually take Saturday sky photos out the back of my house, looking east. This is early morning, looking west with the sun on the large Tasmanian apple gum in the front yard. I love the textures and colours that the trunk of this tree can show. Early in the summer, the bark splits and falls off. When the new outer skin of the trunk is wet, it changes from a soft blue/green to a very definite lime colour.

OK, so I'll try again later. Blogger is not playing nice and will do nothing with photos.

12 hours later and I can finally get Blogger's co-operation in allowing me to post a photo. Click to enlarge. Larger photo alsoshows contrast between different branches in texture and colours.

Sunday, 13 May 2007

saturday sky

These pictures were taken at Government House in Sydney, where I attended an investiture presided over by Marie Bashir, the Governor of NSW. I was there as the guest of a friend who was raised to a higher level as part of St John Ambulance.

The sky was actually much bluer than appears here. It was a beautiful day in Sydney with a lovely crisp morning. However, we still need rain and weeks of it, so hopefully one day soon, Saturday sky will be grey. Above the buiding in this first photo, the sky seems bluer.

The place was amazing - I've not been inside before. Set on the point, overlooking the harbour. Inside, the ceilings must have been at least 25-30' high. The room where the investiture took place had an elaborately painted ceiling with hunting scenes, lutes, mandolins, horns around the edges. The cornices were amazingingly intricate and large with one concave part being painted in narrow stripes. It would cost a fortune to maintain such a building.

The ceremony was formal and impressive and there was a reception held outside under a colonnade and in the garden, The Ambulance band played during this time. I have more photos, but they are more personal and I don't know that everyone shown in them would want their faces across the internet.

Knitting? I've been working on grandchildren's socks, but the last few days at work have been busy! Too bad, more money, less knitting. I also went back to the hoodie pictured below and finished the hood part. I was going to DIL's on Friday for a haircut, and waanted to be sure the neck would stretch over the head of my small grandson before I went too far in finishing up the whole jumper. His dad had a large head as a child. It never looked out of proportion, because he was tall and is now 6'5" but I had trouble finding suitable hats for him. However, this will go over Finn's heaad so I've finished the hood. I've cast on for the second sleeve and will probably finish that today. They are dropped shoulder sleeves, so easy to sew together. After that I'm not sure what I will do next. Probably socks for his big sister so she doesn't feel left out.

Thursday, 10 May 2007

fantastic service

Back in this post, I showed a picture of my small Brittany birch needles, 2.5 mm and the sock wool in Kilim. Both came from Daphne at the Knittery.

Now I've used her sockwool before and it's beautiful. Lovely colours and it feels wonderful and is luscious to knit. I've also mentioned her wonderful, friendly, prompt service before too.

I've just had another example of the service. One of those small needles always had an excessive amount of flex in it, much more than the others. Yesterday, I took out Miss Two's sock to work on at work. AAARGH! That needle had split down the grain and was about to break in two. No sockknitting done.

After arriving home, I emailed Daphne, because the pack said they were guaranteed. Her websit says that she tries to attend to emails promptly. In only a couple of hours I had a reply. She had heard of the guarantee but didn't know the details of the way it worked in Australia. However, she would replace the needle anyhow. I was very pleased and thanked her.

I really want to support Aussie businesses, but I have had examples of poor service before. I don't want to go into those details here but would rather give praise where it's due.

So if you're looking for lovely wool and good service, have a look at the Knittery

Thursday, 3 May 2007

baby bliss

Have a look at this oh so peaceful baby wrapped up in love and handknitted clothes. Less than a day old. Congratulations to the proud parents and her big brothers.