Thursday, 10 May 2007

fantastic service

Back in this post, I showed a picture of my small Brittany birch needles, 2.5 mm and the sock wool in Kilim. Both came from Daphne at the Knittery.

Now I've used her sockwool before and it's beautiful. Lovely colours and it feels wonderful and is luscious to knit. I've also mentioned her wonderful, friendly, prompt service before too.

I've just had another example of the service. One of those small needles always had an excessive amount of flex in it, much more than the others. Yesterday, I took out Miss Two's sock to work on at work. AAARGH! That needle had split down the grain and was about to break in two. No sockknitting done.

After arriving home, I emailed Daphne, because the pack said they were guaranteed. Her websit says that she tries to attend to emails promptly. In only a couple of hours I had a reply. She had heard of the guarantee but didn't know the details of the way it worked in Australia. However, she would replace the needle anyhow. I was very pleased and thanked her.

I really want to support Aussie businesses, but I have had examples of poor service before. I don't want to go into those details here but would rather give praise where it's due.

So if you're looking for lovely wool and good service, have a look at the Knittery

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