Saturday, 26 May 2007

half a ball of rooster almerino makes...

I loved the feel of the almerino shown below and wondered what to do with it.

I divided the ball into two and decided to make some wrist warmers as my hands had been freezing on the walk to the bus last week. To divide it, I did weigh it on my fairly accurate kitchen scales, but I also used the time honoured rather than scientifically accurate measure that one yard was the distance between the tip of my nose and the end of my outstretched arm. I roughly followed the pattern for my Winding Road Socksmade some time ago. I've only done the one but will do the other tomorrow ready for Monday morning. When I came to the ribbing at the top, I unwound my little ball, measured what I thought I would need for the cast off, tied a slip knot at that point, and worked the ribbing to the knot. I have about half a metre left over. The warmers are a good length and feel beautiful on my hands.

Again, the colour is not accurate. More teal, less aqua.

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