Saturday, 30 June 2007

moebius scarf finished

Here's a poor picture of the moebius scarf. The light was fine but because the scarf is quite wide, it was hard to arrange withut looking sloppy. I made it wide to allow for pulling up over my head from the back if needed. The yarn was a dream to knit with and I used almost two balls.

black dog knitting

As someone who has the black dog snapping at her heels at the moment, I am pleased to be able to send you to a knitter who is doing something about it and is not ashamed to say so. One of my sons is bipolar and falls into depression so deep, I often wonder how he will get out. Another reason to support this. I've also added this to my sidebar so it's always there, rather than slipping down the page as the days go on.

Thursday, 28 June 2007

moebius scarf

It's quite cold here. The wind is coming from the southwest off a big dump of snow over a good deal of the highlands and Snowy Mountains and as far west as Orange. The heater's on and I have some warm clothes on, but I'm cold in this big, old house.

I don't wear scarves often. I get annoyed easily by things around my neck so I open them up and find they fall off. I don't wear polo neck tops either because they irritate me. Even shirts usually have at least the top two buttons undone, no matter how cold or windy it is.

So what I'm doing making a moebius scarf is beyond me. Perhaps I was just intrigued by the process. I bought some beautifully soft Lana Gatto merino which is lovely on the fingers when knitting. I think I'm trying to convince myself that not only will this be soft and snuggly, but that it won't necessarily be close to my neck. I'm doing a very simple lacy pattern, knit one row, yarn over knit two together on the next. No pictures yet. It's not wonderfully light here yet, even though it's about 10:30 am.

I'm currently attending church at St James, King Street, Sydney and this beautiful old building is not very warm at all. I wore my long overcoat last Sunday and am thinking that perhaps this scarf may even be pulled up like a cowl when I'm inside there.

Saturday, 23 June 2007

grandaughter's hat, and saturday sky

Saturday sky rolls around again and it's a bit hard to see here as the brighter red has sucked any colour from the wintry sky.

Susannah, my model, is glad to have this cosy hat to wear. The sky is actually a pale, icy blue. However, she's wishing she had a scarf and perhaps some mittens too as it's chilly out on the deck. It was 3° in the kitchen this morning and much cooler outside and it's now about 10° early in the afternoon.

This is the mindless knitting I've been fiddling with all week. Not much thought was needed to make it and that was a good thing. I've had a lot of unpleasantness here and I can feel the stress in nausea and in tight muscles across my shoulders and neck. It's also shown up in big lapses of concentration. I've been in the middle of saying somethng important when suddenly I have no idea where I've come from or where I was intending to get to in what I was saying. I mentioned this on Wednesday when I was speaking to a counsellor and she told me this was a normal reaction and would go away.

I was planning on giving this to eldest grandson, but I think he will feel it's a bit feminine looking. He's very boyish and I'll start another one in some grey/blue Jet from stash and do it probably in rib. Morgan is very fair and this deep colour will suit her. It's the Heilo pictured a few posts down, part of a a gift from yarn magazine for some photos I took for them.

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

clayton's knitting

I'm busy with some Clayton's knitting. You know the knitting you're doing when you're not doing knitting. Just like Clayton's the drink.

I have some enormous stresses in my life right now and I'm knitting to help deal with them. However, I'm not into doing anything complcated as my mind just won't cope. Even typing has its problems and putting thoughts in a logical order is often beyond me right now.

I'm doing a hat, possibly for master 8, possibly for charity. It depends on finished size. I'm winging the pattern and haven't done a swatch either. It will look fine. It just may not fit Andrew but be too big. I've already ripped this wool twice as what I was doing just didn't work.

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

hexed hat

#1 son and DIL came over unexpectedly last night so I was able to give her the hat shown below. She was thrilled. It suits her, was just her colours and was very warm. It was quite chilly last night, so she wore it as we walked down to local pizzeria. She's somewhat camera-shy, so no photos of her wearing it.

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

no saturday sky, hats

No Saturday sky photo, even late. We have just had a weekend of a dump of rain. Huge storms, nine people killed, massive damage and flooding, people still without power, much damage and lots of other nasty stuff. I really didn't want to just post what is esentially part of a fun meme. A family of four and a nephew to them were killed when their car fell into a thirty metre chasm which opened up on the old Pacific Highway. This was quite close to one of my sons and his family and their horrible death has haunted me. I imagine my own little grandchildren there, as they used this road.

One of my daughters-in-law fiinished her training for the State Emergency Services about a month ago. Passed all her tests and was issued with uniform, ID, etc. She was actually away this weekend and I joked about her missing three years experience in three days. However, I've been asked to babysit. Her group is sending SES people to help with the cleanup in the Hunter and on the Central Coast and she's probably going up on Thursday for a three day shift. Master Eight will be at school, but his little sisters are at home and their Dad has to go to work. At least it will feel like a contribution, even if indirect.

These photos show the Hexed hat from Knitty. The top one shows hat from above and the Noro label is just visible. I really did not enjoy the physical knitting with the Noro at all and it hurt my fingers. The second picture is an attempt to show the band and general shape. However, everything is still very wet outside, so I've perched it precariously on a plant. Doesn't show the shape very well. If I did this hat again, I would mattress stitch the hexagons. I think I would prefer that to the blanket stitch.

The band is a different wool, Jet, to the Noro. My gauge was right, metres on ball of Noro should have been enough, but there wasn't enough to do band as well as hat. I don't know how that works out, but that's what happened. I wasn't paying $35 just to make the band, so bought some Jet which I much prefer the feel of.

There's been other knitting, but no pictures. I gave away a large bag of scarves and hats to a friend who works on the streets of Sydney among the homeless. Several more things were done and passed on to him withut photos. Winter is finally arriving here fter a very long, mild autumn and I hope these find a useful home.

Saturday, 2 June 2007

saturday sky

Saturday sky photographed, downloaded and blogged all before 7:30 am on Saturday. The forecast was for mainly cloudy all day, so as I was up before sunrise, I had my camera ready. Being up before sunrise is not my choice, but it's not as bad as it sounds. Sunrise here at the moment is almost 7:00 am. I was awake at 5:45, which is late for me. Many mornings, I'm awake and can't go back to sleep at 4:00. I wish my mind would realise that my body does not have to be up then so I have time to catch the 7:13 bus. As the bus stop is 10-15 minutes walk away, 4:00 am is just too early.

It's cool here but not as chilly as yesterday where the temperature outside was 6° when I left home just before 7:00. Colder out west and the coldest morning yet. Appropriate actually as it was the first day of winter officially. We get colder weather after the equinox than before and the days have mainly been mild, far too warm for the time of year.

Now for knitting. I realised I have a week to DIL's birthday. I made the hat from called Hexed. I finished the hexagons months ago.

I took it out yesterday and decided to rip the first hexagon I'd done. It was a good deal bigger than the others. Re-did it and blocked the pieces yesterday. Sewing them together was a pain, as even after blocking there were some differences in size. I wanted all the point to matxh exactly, like a properly done piece of patchwork. However, I had to fudge a bit. I've picked up the stitches around the edge and am almost finished the band. Photos later in the day, probably.

The body of the hat was done in Noro, Silk Garden. Now this is the first time I've used Noro, although I've read much about it. I really did not like it much at all. I found the wool itself was a nuisance to knit, as it sort of twisted and unravelled as I knit. I've never had this happen before, so put it down to the wool rather than my knitting. It's coarse and unpleasant to my fingers and I wonder how the hands were of those knitters who have done large garments in Noro.

It was expensive, although I didn't mind that as it was for a present. DIL likes unusual things and I know she would appreciate Japanese wool and the subtle colour changes. I chose a colour called moss or forest. Can't quite remember and I don''t have the band here. Greys, soft greens, blues and a few other dashes of colour. My tension was fine for the pattern as given and theoretically there was enough in the Noro to do all the hat. I have a few metres left over, but not enough to do the band. I wasn't paying $35 for another ball just for the band, so I spent some time finding a substitute. I bought some Jet from Patons and it tones in wonderfully. Used it for the blanket stitch seams, something else I would do differently another time, and for the band. As I was knitting the band last night, I was rather glad it was in something else than the Noro. Noro band would have been very harsh on the forehead.

So using Noro again is not something I will be rushing to try, even though I liked the colours.

Photos to follow when I've finished.