Wednesday, 20 June 2007

clayton's knitting

I'm busy with some Clayton's knitting. You know the knitting you're doing when you're not doing knitting. Just like Clayton's the drink.

I have some enormous stresses in my life right now and I'm knitting to help deal with them. However, I'm not into doing anything complcated as my mind just won't cope. Even typing has its problems and putting thoughts in a logical order is often beyond me right now.

I'm doing a hat, possibly for master 8, possibly for charity. It depends on finished size. I'm winging the pattern and haven't done a swatch either. It will look fine. It just may not fit Andrew but be too big. I've already ripped this wool twice as what I was doing just didn't work.

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Andrea said...


And here I was thinking I was the only one to use the word "Clayton's" for knitting/sewing/reading/everything! Nice to know some phrases stick in the mind...

The hexed hat looks great, and you're now the second person to state that Noro hurts to knit with. I think I'll have to try it for myself now.