Thursday, 28 June 2007

moebius scarf

It's quite cold here. The wind is coming from the southwest off a big dump of snow over a good deal of the highlands and Snowy Mountains and as far west as Orange. The heater's on and I have some warm clothes on, but I'm cold in this big, old house.

I don't wear scarves often. I get annoyed easily by things around my neck so I open them up and find they fall off. I don't wear polo neck tops either because they irritate me. Even shirts usually have at least the top two buttons undone, no matter how cold or windy it is.

So what I'm doing making a moebius scarf is beyond me. Perhaps I was just intrigued by the process. I bought some beautifully soft Lana Gatto merino which is lovely on the fingers when knitting. I think I'm trying to convince myself that not only will this be soft and snuggly, but that it won't necessarily be close to my neck. I'm doing a very simple lacy pattern, knit one row, yarn over knit two together on the next. No pictures yet. It's not wonderfully light here yet, even though it's about 10:30 am.

I'm currently attending church at St James, King Street, Sydney and this beautiful old building is not very warm at all. I wore my long overcoat last Sunday and am thinking that perhaps this scarf may even be pulled up like a cowl when I'm inside there.

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