Friday, 27 July 2007

another pair of socks

These socks are from one of Judy Sumner's patterns. I think I've made them before as children's socks but the pattern seemed to me to suit the wool. It's Patonyle, wears forever and is quite easy to knit. It's not as luxurious as some other yarns, but I prefer knitting with this than using the much vaunted Opal which feels like string to my fingers. The pattern is called Little Shells which is very easy with only one row to remember and three garter stitch rows. The picture shows them unblocked in any way, so ther is a bit of a kink in spots.

Colour is reasonably true.

I've now started a hat for me. I give away a lot of hats and scarves to those working among homeless people or hard-up elderly pensioners and those on the streets, so it's quite a change to actually plan something for myself. I'm using up some wool from Nundle Mills which says it knits as 8 ply, DK, but is making quite a thick fabric even on 5 mm needles. I'm using my new knitpicks needles mentioned a few posts below. I think my overall impression is favourable and I'll keep them. The cord is a major factor in my decision. It doesn't kink and has almost no memory. Even straight from the packet when I opened it up, it hung without a twist to it.

As usual, this is just a thumbnail and clicking will give a much larger picture.

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Lynne said...

I love those socks - lovely colour, great pattern - congratulations.