Sunday, 15 July 2007

fight the black dog part 3

Part 3 of the series on knitting and depression is up.

I actually spoke to the doctor a couple of days ago about depression. I'm having a tough time here lately and from my own counselling training, I know I have some symptoms of depression. When I did my theology degree, I did counselling subjects as electives and have almost completed a graduate Diploma in Counselling in this way. There's no way I'm a counsellor although I've had to do some counselling along the way. There's also no way I'm self-diagnosing.

I've been seeing a counsellor and promised her I would speak to the doctor on my next visit which was due a few days after counsellng appointment. I really don't want to have to take anything and he agreed that it probably wasn't necessary just at this time. However, I'm to see him again in ten days to reassess the situation.

So have a look. Speak up, get help if needed, be an understanding friend to omeone suffering from depression.

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