Sunday, 8 July 2007

hedera socks again

After having two young grandchildren here for six days last week so they could attend KidsGames for the week, the place here was more a pigsty than anything else.

They were good about clearing tables, hanging up towels and putting dirty clothes in washing basket, but they did quite a lot of craft work here too. The lounge room carpet was covered with cat hair and little bits of paper and wool etc from cutting out. So I did a major clean on Friday so I could bear to be in the same room for the weekend when they had both gone home.

I found my Hedera socks which I started back in April. I don't know why I had put them aside. They look good, the finished one fits well, the pattern is super easy and I like St Ives sock wool.

The second sock was one pattern short of the heel, so I sat down yesterday and did that. Now I'm on the heel flap. Quite a change as I usually do short rows but decided I would follow the pattern this time. I also found the Eiffel tower socks from the Six-Socks-Knitalong. Again I had done one sock and was well down the other. These are far too big for me. Sloppy, not only on the leg which I could cope with, but also on the foot, which I hate. So they went for a swim in the frog pond. I have enough on my mind lately, without worrying about socks which are uncomfortable. It felt good to get rid of them and to pick up the Hedera socks again. I'll make this pattern again.

Lots of people around the traps are doing the monkey socks. Perhaps I'll look at those too. I picked up a copy this morning of Simply Knitting. There's a cute vest I might do for the little girls in the edition. I can see a few changes but I'll do the basic pattern and adapt.

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