Sunday, 15 July 2007

knitpicks circulars

I opened up the pack and picked some out for a scarf, another moebius strip.

Everything was well packed, but I had to use a pin to dig something hard out of the base of one of the needles before I could screw in the cord. It was only something small but it blocked the hole. The actual assembly of the package was easy and it's all stayed together as I knit.

People talk about the points on the Knitpicks needles as something special. Now I'm not currently doing anything like lace or cables, so I may change my mind, but to me they felt little different to what I was using. The stitches slide easily along the needles.

The cord is indeed lovely. It's very flexible and doesn't kink. I'll be interested to see what happens when I try something like a magic loop. It's supposed to have little memory in it, so that would be wonderful.

The needles themselves are light and I would like them just a bit longer. i would also like them to have a slight bend in them.

I suppose I'll get used to the dead straightness of them but I've used ones with a bend for a long time. I'm not sure that I prefer them just because it's what I'm used to, or if it's because my hands actually find them easier to use. I've done some knitting with them and the hands haven't protested, so I'll see what happens down the track.

What I really, really don't like is the noise they make. Clickety, clackety, clickety, clackety. I imagine this comes from the lightness of them and the alloy they are made of. Very, very annoying to me and I think it would cut down on where I could use them. I sometimes knit in meetings, or even in groups of friends. I certainly wouldn't use the knitpicks needles in such a situation. I know I would be annoyed by the noise if someone else used them and I wouldn't want to cause the same annoyance. Now I wear a hearing aid in both ears. I will ask if anyone else hears them as loudly as I do. I could turn the aids down, but then I would not hear conversation. If it's just my ears and the aids, I might consider using them in a group.

If I have any more comments as I use them and try out different sizes and cords, I'll report on those too.

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