Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Knitting from Miss Six

I finally sorted the camera/computer non-speak problem and downloaded these.

This is my six year old, almost seven years granddaughter. She's thrilled that she seems to have finally "clicked" with knitting. She's also thrilled that the needles are just for her because they have a "7" on them and she'll be seven in three weeks.

She's doing quite well and the knitting is surprisingly loose for a beginner. This was taken the first afternoon she started again down here, so she's done quite a bit more. She has trouble sliding the stitch off the left hand needle because she holds the needles parallel to wind the wool around and the unknitted stitches slide back down the needle. I'm not bothered, she'll work this out too. She's a very bright little girl, reading several years above her age group.

So what is she planning on making? A warm pair of socks for her little brother, the grumpy little boy in the photo below. he turns two mid-July. I haven't said much about her plan. I'm just happy that she's enjoying what she's doing.

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Lynne said...

Clever and persistent - congratulations to you both.