Tuesday, 28 August 2007


I'm now Shalom at Ravelry. I haven't added anything except a bit to my profile. I think that may need to wait till the weekend and I'll need to upload some more to Flickr. Since I started this blog. I haven't used my Flickr account much at all. It all looks interesting, but will need exploring.

Saturday, 25 August 2007


I have been doing some knitting but not much. A week ago, I cast on a pair of socks from the geranium colour of Wildfoote which I bought last year. I already have made up the other colour and I enjoy wearing the socks which are soft and easy to wash. However, I find the wool very splitty to knit and the geranium colour shows differently on every reseller site I have looked at. The colour in real life is much more muted than I believed it to be. It's fine but it's not what I chose. Clicking on the photo linked will show largetr picture and what i thought the colour would be. As I said, it's acceptable but not what I bought it as, even though I know cameras and monitors can vary. However, it's only the second time I've been diappointd in a lot of wool, so I'm possibly lucky.

This sock, which I just finished tonight, has a very simple pattern of ladders of eyelets regularly arranged around the sock. I really like shortrow heels, but the last four pairs I have made have had heel flaps and gussets and so does this pair. Don't know why. I don't think I consciously decided that way. It just happened.

Actually, conscious decisions have been few and far between this week. I went to work on Monday and out for a birthday dinner with my sons and family that night where i didn't feel very well. I haven't had the flu, but it seemed more than a cold. perhaps one of those bugs which have mutated over the season. As usual, when I get something in winter, it's towards the end of the season. I've been off work all week, although Friday is a normal day off for me. Not much thinking. My brain was in a fog but seems to be reappearing now.

Saturday, 18 August 2007

grey saturday

As you can see, quite a lot of cloud today, even though the morning was clear. At the top of the hill near the station, I could see lots of very heavy black cloud to the south. Some more rain would be nice. It's turned quite chilly too, although the morning was quite mild. It's good weather for curling up and knitting. I'm not sure what I will do next.

I have some Romney 5 ply calling to me from its prison in the cedar chest which used to belong to MIL. It's dark brown and there is quite a lot of it. I bought it at an Open Day for the Spinners and Weavers' Guild, NSW. For those in Sydney, their next Open Day is October 13th at the hall of St Paul's Anglican Church, Burwood, a couple of blocks up from the station, readily accessible by public transport. If I go, I'll probably walk there. I do actually have another possible engagement in the Southern Highlands that day. So what will I make? Lots and lots of socks perhaps, or charity hats. I know a couple of organisations working with those on the streets at King's Cross and they are always wanting hats and scarves etc. There is also an Australian Yahoo group knitting for charity. They have special projects and are happy for knitters to donate to their own personal choice of charity.

I've signed up for some google ads which are in the top right of sidebar. They seem discreet and any time I've looked, have all been knitting related. I supposedly get some money when they are clicked but haven't really been following if anybody has looked at them. One click/computer/day if you are interested. I plan on using any income generated from them to buy wool for more charity knitting as I am actually using stash lately. The Zarina in the post below was bought, but I've basically resistd buying wool for many months now and am concentrating on using stash. I'll probably be moving soon and anything less to pack and move is a bonus.

Now I'm off to make cheesey cauliflower soup from a recipe in the Better Homes and Garden Diabetic Magazine, latest issue. My husband is diabetic, diagnosed about 18 -20 months ago with Type II. Good weather for soup.

Update on the soup
Very yummy. I make a lot of soup and have done so for many years. This one is a keeper. Onion, some potato, half a small cauliflower. Cook in stock and either mash or use a stick blender on it.pepper and salt to taste. Just before serving, I stirred in some good, very grainy reggiano cheese, some finely chopped red capsicum, and some parsley which had been growing in the garden just a few minutes before. The soup was creamy without having had cream added and the cheese gave it an interesting flavour without being distinctly "cheese." My soup was an adaptation of the recipe I saw, and I downsized it. No point in making a recipe for 6-8 when there are only two here.

I might try this at the small canteen I run. I make a very large pot of soup every day, usually vegetarian and it's hard to come up with something original for a change. Soup there runs from Easter till the end of September, so it's quite a few times i make it. I make it vegetarian to suit people and then add meat balls etc for those who like their meat. I also have to avoid gluten so don't thicken it except sometimes with arrowroot, rather than cornflour, as some brands are not gluten free.

odessa hat

Here is Wesley , the bear, modelling my latest Odessa hat. I made about five or six of these last year, and the beads you can see here were bought for the the first hat last year. Leftovers. They have a metallic sheen to them and look OK on the hat, even though they are grey. Hat itself is basically an aqua.

The wool is Zarina which is finer than the pattern says, but it has turned out OK. I like the wool to knit, it's soft and easy to manage. Needles were 3.5 mm for the ribbing and 4 mm for the hat. I put the beads on individually using a crochet hook. They are quite heavy and the wool is soft. I really didn't want to be pulling all the wool through the beads. The pattern suggests placing a bed every sixth row. Because I used finer, lighter wool, I increased the spacing to 10 rows which I think is fine.

Here it is , flat on teh fence n the late afternoon light. it was a beautiful morning but a change came through about 11:00 am and the sky went grey, with lots and lots of clouds. The picture was taken at 4:30, and although it's getting lighter longer now, today has been quite dark.

The hat is just off the needles. I have woven in the ends, but absolutely no blocking has been done. I was in a hurry to get a photo taken.


I'm now behind only 1168 people with 15,859 behind me. I signed up on 20/06/07.

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

so what have I been doing?

Not much knitting here, lately, I'm afraid.

Last weekend saw a combined birthday party for three family members and then Ibabysat the rest of the weekend. Miss Jus Seven and Master Just Two, her brother. Their parents had a friend moving to wstern Australia for several years and they went to a farewell party and other things for her.

I did take knitting up ther, but did none of it. Ii was so tired in the train coming back, late Sunday afternoon that I didn't knit for fear of making a mistake. Master Two had been ill all week. Intermittent high temperatures, cough, runny nose, extreme tiredness etc. He was over the worst but had a nasty mouth ulcer and was obviously still feeling YUK.

Now he has slept overnight at my place occasionally since he was about nine months old. No problems at all. However, this was on his home turf and if he was there, then where were his mum and dad? He cried at least five minutes of every fifteen and could not be consoled. It was very tiring for us both. His sister too was on home ground and I wasn't quite sure of the rules regarding friends either at their place or hers.

All in all, an exhausting weekend. I felt as if it had slipped me by and it was a big struggle to go to work on Monday.

I've since done a very plain hat in 8 ply and have started another Odessa hat. I made several of these last year but have some wool which will suit the pattern. It's being done as stress relief. Huge personal problems which I really don't want broadcast on the net at the moment and knitting is a form of meditation for me.