Wednesday, 15 August 2007

so what have I been doing?

Not much knitting here, lately, I'm afraid.

Last weekend saw a combined birthday party for three family members and then Ibabysat the rest of the weekend. Miss Jus Seven and Master Just Two, her brother. Their parents had a friend moving to wstern Australia for several years and they went to a farewell party and other things for her.

I did take knitting up ther, but did none of it. Ii was so tired in the train coming back, late Sunday afternoon that I didn't knit for fear of making a mistake. Master Two had been ill all week. Intermittent high temperatures, cough, runny nose, extreme tiredness etc. He was over the worst but had a nasty mouth ulcer and was obviously still feeling YUK.

Now he has slept overnight at my place occasionally since he was about nine months old. No problems at all. However, this was on his home turf and if he was there, then where were his mum and dad? He cried at least five minutes of every fifteen and could not be consoled. It was very tiring for us both. His sister too was on home ground and I wasn't quite sure of the rules regarding friends either at their place or hers.

All in all, an exhausting weekend. I felt as if it had slipped me by and it was a big struggle to go to work on Monday.

I've since done a very plain hat in 8 ply and have started another Odessa hat. I made several of these last year but have some wool which will suit the pattern. It's being done as stress relief. Huge personal problems which I really don't want broadcast on the net at the moment and knitting is a form of meditation for me.

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