Wednesday, 19 September 2007

finished objects

Three lots of finished objects. All very simple stuff. My brain seems to have turned to mush (see post below for causes). I have been working on easy stuff which I can pick up and drop at a minute's notice at work. Nothing which involves much counting or calculation or thought.

Hopefully, there wil be some pictures on Friday. That's my usual day off and I have a break till October 2 after that. I am really looking forward to that.

First: I wondered what to do with the second ball of alpaca from Berrima. I started a scarf with a couple of stitches and increased evenly till there were eighteen. I used 8 mm needles, the Knitpicks Options. Just garter stitch. As I said, I needed mindless knitting. I roughly measured out how much yarn there had been in the increase section and pulled that from the centre of the ball. Far too much came out and I had to wind it into a small ball and poke it back inside after I had measured off the amount for decreases at the other end, plus a bit to make sure. Decreased, cast off and found I had a few metres left. So I made a tassel for each pointy end. It's very soft and cosy and adequate in length but by no means long.

Then yesterday I finished the socks with the Wildfoote toes and heels and the alpaca for legs and foot. These too are very soft with a band of 8 stitches of moss stitch running up both sides of leg. I used five needles although I much prefer using four. The knitting is more stable with stitches on three needles and a fourth to knit with, rather than using five altogether. They need a bit of blocking to look their best for a photo.

The last is a bias diagonal scarf from 8 ply Kmart Homemaker brand. I's very similar to this one, but longer. I think I paid well under $3 for 100 gm and I had a choice of colour.For some reason I chose white. I suppose I must have had my reasons, but cannot recall any of them now. I'm going to dye it, possibly dark blue or green.

I'm feeling a bit better now so I'll have to consider what's next. Possibly another scarf, but something lacy.

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