Friday, 21 September 2007

right, so who hid my pins?

My day off today. Actually, it's the start of a whole week off, mid-semester break. I managed to sleep in and now I can't wake up! I still wasn't dressed at 9:30 when I usually leave the house at 6:50 am.

I found some dye in a purple colour. Now I like purple, but have done a lot of it lately. As I haven't done much dyeing, I decided to use it instead of buying more. I found a new stockpot which I bought last year for the canteen but couldn't use there. The bottom is not really flat and I use electric hotplates there. Soup would just not heat.

However I have a good gas stove here. I set everything up and slowly added scarf which had been soaking all night. I left it barely simmering for an hour. Success! A pleasant even colour, even if it was purple.

Then I went to block it. I cannot find my pins anywhere. I daresay they will turn up when I least expect them, but cannot work out where they have been put.

I set up a big towel on the table on the deck and have carefully arranged the scarf on the towel. I've pulled it as straight as possible and will see what the finished result is. if I have to, I'll buy some more pins and do it again.

Then I remembered my husband's grandmother. She knitted all her life, even when all she could do at the end was misshapen squares for a rug. Her mother had lived with her till Nana was forty. Nana never did housework and when her own mother died, housework passed to Nana's daughter. I don't think she ever cooked anything beyond rice custard and frankfurts. She certainly didn't know how to use an iron. Oh, I forgot. She used to grill cheese slices on Sao biscuits for morning tea. One day when slices came individually wrapped in plastic, she grilled a slice, plastic and all. Didn't know any better.

Her blocking was to stretch out garment and then put it under the mattress. She spent a lot of time in bed from age forty on. At first it was just what she wanted to do, then she became incapacitated with a broken hip and knee and was confined there. Her knitting always looked OK, so a week in bed must have worked for the blocking. LOL. Actually, she would be horrified to see how busy my life is. Somehow I prefer it busy to constant bed.

When I was shopping this afternoon, I decided to get more pins. Of course, the ones I have will turn up in a few days, but that's life. I was in Coles and had a look. Hmm..$2.87 for a pinwheel of forty glassheaded pins. I went upstairs to KMart and bought two plastic containers from Birch, one hundred pins, $2.49 per container for 100 pins. OK, So the ones I had were a bit different, but what a difference in price.

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