Sunday, 21 October 2007

combubble socks. or another convert to handcrafted socks

I gave Miss Just-Three the first of this pair. They were made for next year so I made them long in the foot and they were also a bit loose in the leg. Her eyes lit up and she said, "Grandma, these are real combubble (comfortable) socks." She did not want to take it off.

The first sock was a product of three hours on the train last Friday along with some time waiting for connections. The second sock is actually a few stitches smaller. Same foot length, but just a bit snugger around the leg, although the leg length is good. I still have enough left of the two colours to make a pair for her cousin in reverse colours to these. He's a year younger, but takes a larger shoe size than she does. Takes after his dad, my son, who is 6'5" and wears an Australian size 14 shoe. I don't make socks for him or his brother who is same size.

Not bad going for 100 gm of two different colours. Two pairs of adult socks, one child's pair and another to come.

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