Wednesday, 31 October 2007


One finished sock for probably the present basket and one pair for the youngest grandchild. He's not long turned two, but already has a bigger foot than his three year old cousin. I've made this pair very big, but he'll grow. They are intended for next winter, so hopefully they will still fit then. I've now quite an accumulation of browns, bones etc and some green as well. I can see a stripey pair for little Finn on the list of projects.

The other single sock is called "Ashes" and I found the pattern in the list at Knitting Pattern Central. It's a ridiculously easy pattern to do and the fabric pulls in nicely to be snug but will easily stretch to a much larger size. In fact, the rib pulls in so snugly that the rest of the foot looks enormous after it. I cast on for the second sock today and am about a quarter of the way down the leg.


Anonymous said...

Oh such nice socks!! Thanks for the link to the patterns as well.

Diane Lovell said...

Hi Jan, Thanks for your comment on my blog!

The NT is a new one from Zondervan. We've got the UBD as well from the Bible society but we liked the idea of having all the words that occur 30 times or more on the bottom of each page. It makes reading a lot quicker!

It's great to find more Christian knitters! Can I ask where you did your degrees?

Jan said...

I did Dip.Min and B.Th. through Wesley (SCD) and Honours at UTC which is also SCD.