Saturday, 27 October 2007

it's wet in the frog pond

Well, success at long last! This is the fourth time today I've tried to upload photos. I could choose them but upload? Not at all, even though I waited for over five minutes at one time. This is today's Saturday Sky, very pale at first light, taken very early this morning, not long after 5:00am and a few minutes after sunrise. The sun is just touching some flowers on my bottlebrush tree. Clicking on image will give a (much) bigger picture where the flowers can be seen clearly. Tomorrow morning it will look like that but at just after 6:00. Clocks go on an hour for daylight saving. It will be nice to wake up at 5:00 am, instead of 4:00am. Well, who am I kidding? I'm sure that won't last. However, next week is the last week of the academic term for me. There are a couple weeks more of stuvac and exams, but that's it for me till some time in February.

This wool lost its battle with me. I won. After my earlier post about it being extremely twisty, I cast on and knitted slowly and carefully for some anklet socks for me as I wear a lot that style. I have to wear "closed in" shoes (i.e jogger type) at work by OH&S regulations. I turned the heel and had tiny, even stripes in white and granny smith apple green. Heel stripes matched up reasonably well. Then I noticed the pooling starting on the front of the sock. Why should it do that now? So I've ripped it all out and climbed out of the frog pond. I'll put the wool back in my stash but have no idea what i will do with it. Perhaps a scarf, although it would look pretty as as bolero or shrug for one of the granddaughters. Still, I knitted them all shrugs last Christmas as part of their presents.

The top picture shows the even striping and the reasonable match of colours on the heel. I've pulled it off the needles in preparation for ripping it out. The bottom picture is the sock, looking at the instep and front of the foot. The pooling can clearly be seen and it was continuing every row. Same number of stitches, same needles. What a nuisance and I really liked the wool too. I have the seller's email and website. I am not sure whether to get in touch with her or not. I suppose I'll put it down to an unfortunate experience. 200 gm in the ball too.

In the last couple of days, I've made pair of socks for Master Two who has bigger feet than his cousin, Miss Three. Dark brown with pumpkin heels and toes, made big enough, I hope for next winter. No pictures as yet taken.


Melinda said...

Just a question: What is pooling?

Jan said...

Melinda, There are the stripes in the picture of the back of the sock and there's a big blob on the front of solid colour. Should be stripes.

Melinda said...

Thanks for the explanation Jan! Yarn is still lovely though! Hope you can find a future project for it.