Thursday, 4 October 2007

zokni socks

Here are the Zokni socks finished. They were an easy knit and very quick to do. The pattern was ten rows long. so I tried to not leave off knitting in the middle of a pattern repeat. Of course, once I was on the foot, there were only two needles involved in the pattern, so it went extra quickly. Brittany Birch needles from the everhelpful Daphne at the Knittery. The sock wool is some I bought a couple of years ago from Elann, Essential Sock it to Me. It's not super-luxurious but knits up nicely and wears really well. Other socks from it are machine washed regularly and often thrown into the dryer. No problems.

I changed the pattern slightly. 2x2 rib instead of single. Why? Couldn't really say, except that I just did it, for a change, I suppose. I also did a different toe, a star toe and saved the trouble of grafting. Not that I really mind Kitchener stitch, but usually have to look it up to make sure I get it right. This one I can do off the top of my head.

I've also cast on for another pair. This chevron mosaic is from the second book, More Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Scurch. I started mosaic socks once before and found the pattern dead easy. However, I could not work out number of stitches I needed to allow for the tighter knitting of the mosaic pattern. Thanks to the great tables in the book, I think I'll be OK with this pair. I'm doing the leg on 2.75 rosewood needles and will go down to a smaller size for the foot. Pattern is a 10 stitch pattern, so 60 stitches works just fine. Some more Elann wool. These needles make me feel that I'm knitting with curtain rods. The Brittany Birch needles are 5" long. I love the rosewood but the length feels odd after the short ones.

I don't know how many have this book but here is a link to a list of corrections for it. Six pages of them.

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Nice Zoknis; great mods!