Friday, 2 November 2007

Ashes socks done

This is the second of the Ashes socks. I did take a photo of them both on my feet. It was very blurry, I thought I must have moved my camera. However, the battery completely died minutes later, so perhaps that was what was wrong. The leg is longer than it appears here. It has been foreshortened by the camera angle.

The socks are very stretchy and feel comfortable on my feet. There is a small amount of wool left from this ball. I had already done another sock in this wool a couple of years ago, a free on web vintage pattern by Nancy Bush. it looked good but I succumbed to Second Sock Syndrome with it, a disease I don't often catch. I'll frog that sock, basically 50 gm worth of wool and do something small or striped with it.

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Lushorama said...

Hello Jan - thank-you for your warm welcome to Blogging-land!! I've read your blog quite a few times,hope it's okay that I've added it to my list!!
Cheers, and have a lovely Sunday,