Tuesday, 20 November 2007

comfort eating - not worth it

I've been thinking about the pattern a day calendar and had decided not to buy it this year. I think it was 2005 that I made quite a few of the patterns . I bought both 2006 and 2007 but the number I knitted has decreased. Many of them are free on the net and even if not quite the same, there is such a huge range that really, why spend the money. Once again they were not available on the calendar stand at my local shops. When I was last in Borders in the city I looked, as that was where I bought the last one. No luck. That sort of cemented my decision.

However, today I had plans to go to the city and do the remainder of my Christmas shopping. I need to buy something for my mum, brother and sister and top up things for the littlies. We all buy for the children and one adult whose name is drawn from a hat, this year done by Miss Seven who's old enough to read exceptionally well and who read out the names for us. On occasions, things have been a bit jigged to suit preferences, but not this year. LOL.

Now in addition to my messy personal life which is an ongoing saga, Mum developed leukemia a few weeks ago. Perhaps developed is the wrong word. She has had it a while and tests for a urinary tract infection revealed it. She's not coping with the chemo very well at all, and is sick a lot. I don't think the actual diagnosis bothers her, but certainly the treatment does. Now my sister lives with her and gets a carer's pension. She needs a break and we had promised her all of December and some of January . However, unilaterally, she has made decisions without involving my brother or me, and this has made things very difficult both practically for us and in the way she has acted. I wasn't feeling wonderful this morning at all.

So what does this have to do with knitting? I went to the city to Kinokuniya. I wanted a small novelty for a friend's birthday, some nice wrapping paper, a good card for him, an American magazine, possibly a book for myself if one jumped off the shelf into my basket, some children's books. I was going to Borders too with some % off coupons but didn't have the time because of another altered arrangement, thanks to my sister again. A trip to the ABC shop was canned because of lack of time. I could spend a long time there.

So what did I buy? Next to nothing at Kinokuniya. Card selection was poor and I didn't bother looking for paper. Didn't like the children's books I saw and lost heart trying to find something. No novelty items I wantd at price I had availabe to use. Only English magazines and I was after an American one.

I did choose a fancy card for a secret Santa swap I'm involved in. My "santee" as they are known, lives in England. Then I saw the calendars while I was looking for an easy to pack calendar for her. Somehow I bought the knitting calendar.

Like most comfort eating, I later wished I hadn't done that. The editor is new this year and is also a newish knitter, In previous editions, some lengthy patterns have spread over a couple of days with a very small number taking three days.

This year, there are some rather pleasant sock designs but nothing out of the ordinary. Some I would never consider knitting, but that's just my opinion.

However, there are nearly ninety days which are taken up as continuing a pattern. Not much under 25% of the whole calendar is like this. It's not as if many of the patterns really need the spread. One hat pattern writes out every row of the decreases in full to make the second page. Anothr hat tells us to draw thread through remaining stitches, pull together and fasten off , then darn in any ends. Others are similar. I felt ripped off and I won't be buying it next year. It comes all sealed, so there is no way of checking. At least if there is just a wall calendar, I can see the pictures on the back. While I don't actually expect a set of 300+ on the packet, I really was unhappy with this.

On a brighter note, I did see a hanging calendar with pictures and patterns for sock monkeys. Twelve patterns. I really don't see the appeal of these, although I know many who love them. So if you are looking for a calendar and like sock monkeys and have some small people in your life who would love them, perhaps this will do you. Don't buy the other one. $25 could get some more sock wool!


/Karen/ said...

Thanks for the recommendations! Sorry to hear that your trip to the city wasn't as relaxing and fun as you expected it to be :( I will keep praying for you.

Melinda said...

Heehee - I got this calendar for Christmas last year, and, whilst I've enjoyed looking at the patterns, I haven't knitted anything from it all year. After reading your post, I don't think I will buy it again...although my mum may give it to me as a present!