Thursday, 22 November 2007

knit and rip, knit and rip

I have actually been knitting and had one sock of two different pairs done. However, I've put one sock aside so I can consider if I really do like it more than I think I do. If so, then I'll start the second sock.

The second sock I made quickly and was halfway down the foot. Then this morning, I was up early after a fairly sleepless night, took one look at it in the first light of dawn and decided I would never really be happy with it. So tug, tug and a couple of minutes later all that remained of it was a pile of wool on the deck table.

It was some Heirloom Jigsaw in a bright pink set of tones. I'm not a pink person really, despite my little granddaughters' tastes, although I do like purples. This was not baby pink which I find disgusting, nor was it barbie doll pink, also disgusting to me. It really looked like raspberry ripple icecream and I had been disciplining myself not to start anything till other things were done. I decided to do a very simple four row pattern on the leg to pass the time more quickly and give it a bit of interest. I knew the pattern would not show too well in the variegated yarn but I pressed on. As I knitted, I decided I was not as keen on the colours knitted as in the ball, but I insisted to myself I had to finish it.

I turned the heel and stopped the pattern. Halfway down the foot I thought WOW! I really like this now. The difference in the colours and stripes from patterned leg to smooth stocking stitch was amazing. I was still determind to press on and the silly thought even passed through my mind that just perhaps I could do a plain one and call it two socks together. Shows you the state my mind was in...

All that was last night. The morning dawned and I had returned to my senses. I was never going to be happy with it, so out it all came. I'll re-knit it in plain stocking stitch, possibly with a picot edge which would go with the raspberry.

Doing it again will give me the meditative aspect of knitting again. I find there's something very soothing about the repetitive action, something very soothing about the counting of stitches. If I'm knitting for others there will be prayers for that person woven in with the stitches. This week has been very hard with things thrown at me from several directions and knitting has helped me cope. Not only with its soothing action, but also even being in control of something and deciding its fate when life was in turmoil.


Melinda said...

So true - knitting is a solace. It's so wonderful to get something right! And to be in control of those stitches, whilst life sometimes unravels.

Lynne said...

I would have done the same thing!

I agree, knitting can be a comfort in the storm of life - but only when we're happy with what we're producing.

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