Sunday, 11 November 2007

voilà! One sock done.

First man's sock done. This is a present for a close friend of mine whose birthday is in a couple of weeks. I bought him a present a few weeks ago and then this week decided to make him some socks. His Mum was a knitter and he appreciates hand crafted things.

I haven't done a man's sock before and am so pleased I chose 8 ply for my first one, not 3 ply. This is 8 ply machine washable wool from Bendigo and it knitted up quite quickly. The pattern is an old Paton's pattern with shaping at the back of the calf. The leg is over 12 inches long, and I shortened it by about 2". I seemed to have been knitting forever.

Not a wonderful colour here. Late afternoon light. It's really a café au lait colour, like the crema on a good coffee. The needles are some of the vintage sets I bought at St Vinnies a while back. $2 a set. The pattern said to use 3.25 but I knit loosely, so went down to 3 mm. It's certainly a firm fabric. He wears Holeproof Explorer socks often, so I figured these would still fit his shoes as the Explorers are quite thick.

I'll do the second sock next, so they are done in time for his birthday. It will feel srange going back to toddler socks in 3 ply after doing these.

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