Sunday, 23 December 2007

saturday sky

This is the view from the middle storey balcony where I now live. Minutes before I took this photo, the sky was clear. Minutes after and I could not see more than a hundred metres or so because of the heaviness of the rain.

This place looks south and west and down below in the valley on the other side of the Lane Cove river is the industrial area of Top Ryde and Macquarie University. This can't be seen in this photo. The balcony on the top floor of the house has now been cleared of years of dust and leaves. I spent a long time on it yesterday. It now has two old armchairs, a coffee table and a lounge. I'm spoilt for knitting comfort. Both my bedroom and that of my son and DIL open onto the balcony which is huge. It's partly oval shaped and is about 7 metres from the house wall to the long end of the oval and about 5 metres across. Nothing in this house, built in the 1920s, was done on a small scale. There are three of these balconies, one above the other, two others on the top side of the house without a roof and about three small juliet style balconies off various rooms. It's good because space is provided where I don't need to feel that I am on top of my son and his wife and imposing on them. I'm quite sure they don't feel like that, but I do.

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