Tuesday, 29 January 2008


My daughter-in-law's mother, (is there a name for this relationship between us??) spends many weekends here. It was her birthday two days ago and I wondered what I could do. I spoke to Sarah and she suggest some wristwarmers. her mum spends a lot of time paying the game Warcraft. And I mean a lot of time. Hours and hours every night and all day most weekends. She lives in a cold part of Sydney and complains abut cold hands.

So these are what I made. There is a frill on the end of the wrist and arm section is quite long. On my hands, they come ell down over the base of my fingers. Made in Bendigo Boutique yarn, 65% wool, 25% wool from bluefaced leicester sheep and 10% mohair. It's 8 ply and these were knitted on smallish needles for that thickness wool. It's made a good firm fabric.

The colour is nothing like the photos. In the catalogue it's called lilac and that is a good choice. However, by the time I had downloaded photos and found how grey they looked, Jean had gone home and taken them with her.

Saturday, 26 January 2008

lovely prize

here is a picture of the prizes I won in a competition from in Southern Summer of Socks. These lovely goodies come from Knitting Inspirations. The yarn is beautiful and I love the colours. Last night's sunset had many clouds in these shades with the edges tinged with gold. Just beautiful. There are matching stitch markers and a Lantern Moon keyring also coordinated. Some needle holders and bamboo dpns, in the size I love using. Nice and short and my stitches have never fallen off. LOL

i have not done as much knitting here as I did before moving here in the months leading up to Christmas. Those were unpleasant times and I knitted constantly for stress relief. I've done only two separate socks since moving here and am part way through the second sock of one of those pairs. Says something about how I feel when I knitted more than a dozen pairs in the three months before Christmas.

The yarn feels beautiful and I'll keep it for a special pair of socks. It's called Zen Yarn Garden handpainted yarn. This is from the Australian Wildflower Series, 375 yards, 4 oz in weight.

I'm thrilled and it was a lovely surprise to win this.

Saturday, 5 January 2008

some knitting happening

I have been doing some knitting. One sock finished in stash Heirloom Argyll bought several years ago. The colour has not turned out well. It's much more of a teal blue with flashes of dark green in it. The pictures of the completed sock on the white balcony edge showed up almost black. this is much too light. I can't win either way.

Four stitch repeat, two rows in pattern. Not much but this took a long time. Perhaps it was the way I felt. Knitting provided some relief from my emotions and some unpleasant email exchanges, but it was a slow knit.

In contrast, the light blue Patonyle was started last night. It's the eight row pattern from More Sensational Knitted Socks. I started this sock as my eyes needed some light relief from the much darker Argyll. This is indeed quick. I seem to remember that the pattern is repeated eight times before heel. I've done two repeats already in a short time. I added teh frill as a bit of fun. Easy to do and to adapt. Cast on twice s many stitches as needed. Knit two rows. On third row knit in rib of choice, but knit two stitches together every time, thus bringing number of stitches back to what is needed.

I've made frills on the edge of sleeves of little granddaughters shrugs in the opposite manner. They were knitted top down. At end of sleeve, knit one, make one all along row. Knit a couple of rows and cast off.This photo, taken at the end of 2006, shows Susannah Wesley modelling one of the three shrugs I made then. The frill done at the end of the sleeves can easily be seen. This shrug, and the other two were done in Heirloom Breeze, a mix of wool, cotton and a tiny bit of lycra. All the shrugs still fit granddaughters, thanks to the lycra.

And doesn't time fly past! Little miss in the sidebar photo of the pinwheel jacket from Elann starts big school in a few weeks. She's very much looking forward to it but her counting, maths skills and reading are already quite advanced for someone not at school yet. More like first class than just starting kindergarten