Saturday, 26 January 2008

lovely prize

here is a picture of the prizes I won in a competition from in Southern Summer of Socks. These lovely goodies come from Knitting Inspirations. The yarn is beautiful and I love the colours. Last night's sunset had many clouds in these shades with the edges tinged with gold. Just beautiful. There are matching stitch markers and a Lantern Moon keyring also coordinated. Some needle holders and bamboo dpns, in the size I love using. Nice and short and my stitches have never fallen off. LOL

i have not done as much knitting here as I did before moving here in the months leading up to Christmas. Those were unpleasant times and I knitted constantly for stress relief. I've done only two separate socks since moving here and am part way through the second sock of one of those pairs. Says something about how I feel when I knitted more than a dozen pairs in the three months before Christmas.

The yarn feels beautiful and I'll keep it for a special pair of socks. It's called Zen Yarn Garden handpainted yarn. This is from the Australian Wildflower Series, 375 yards, 4 oz in weight.

I'm thrilled and it was a lovely surprise to win this.


Lynne said...

It looks absolutely gorgeous - what a lovely colour. Congratulations on your win - you deserve it after knitting that many pairs of socks!

Melinda said...

Good to hear that life is settling down a bit for you. I hope that the rest of the year is wonderfully calm and blessed as well. Enjoy your prizes!

TinkingBell said...

Beeeeautiful! How lovely to get a surprise like that!