Tuesday, 29 January 2008


My daughter-in-law's mother, (is there a name for this relationship between us??) spends many weekends here. It was her birthday two days ago and I wondered what I could do. I spoke to Sarah and she suggest some wristwarmers. her mum spends a lot of time paying the game Warcraft. And I mean a lot of time. Hours and hours every night and all day most weekends. She lives in a cold part of Sydney and complains abut cold hands.

So these are what I made. There is a frill on the end of the wrist and arm section is quite long. On my hands, they come ell down over the base of my fingers. Made in Bendigo Boutique yarn, 65% wool, 25% wool from bluefaced leicester sheep and 10% mohair. It's 8 ply and these were knitted on smallish needles for that thickness wool. It's made a good firm fabric.

The colour is nothing like the photos. In the catalogue it's called lilac and that is a good choice. However, by the time I had downloaded photos and found how grey they looked, Jean had gone home and taken them with her.


Lynne said...

How about son's MIL? LOL

Those wrist warmers look very pretty and cozy too!

TinkingBell said...

Niiiiiice! very nice! I really like them! I bet she did too!

Michelle said...

Beautiful! I know that colour, and it is lovely.

Anonymous said...

There's a Yiddish word for the family of your in-laws: machutenum (mah-ku-tay-num). And the wristwarmers are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Pretty fingerless-gloves.