Friday, 22 February 2008

still around

I am still around. There's been a bit of knitting but not a lot. The humidity here has been catching up with my arthritis and I've had sore fingers and swollen feet. Not good.

I've done some sock knitting and have started a scarf from some recycled wool. I've also made a hat and finished matching bootees with bumper bar style feet for a young friend who is pregnant. No photos as yet as they still need ribbon. I bought some but think it might have been thrown out in all the re-organising I've been doing here. Can't find it anywhere.

College has also gone back. I now leave a bit earlier than I used to but it takes me 90 minutes instead of 35. I will be able to knit but will probably use circular needles so they don't poke the person next to me on the train. I've been so tired all week that I've done nothing after arriving home.

I sorted through all the clothes that had been put in bags by my husband. I was very cranky about this, but at least my time packing was reduced.

I've thrown a lot out. It really wasn't good enough to give to Vinnies. I'll probably put it in the charity bins which turn unwanted goods into rags. Some will be given away to Reverse Garbage. It was actually quite liberating to get rid of things which I was still wearing because they weren't considered too far gone. The work of sorting was fairly emotional and very wearing, particularly sorting old Mothers Day cards from sons' Infant Schools, old reports, birthday cards from when I was very young. Not to mention the photos. I have no space here to display them, so look forward to unpacking them at some future time.

However, I've made some interesting discoveries. I went through my stash and will send quite a bit to Reverse Garbage. I had bought quite a lot of the Sean Sheep mohair from Woolworths on special a couple of years ago before I realised that all these pretty colours were really acrylics. My fingers ache as it it, without aggravating them with acrylic. There were several enormous balls of mohair which came from a Spinners and Weavers Open Day. It was poorly plied and came undone very easily, although it was commercially spun. I've used quite a bit along with another plain colour wool. You can hardly see where the ball was touched there is so much in it. So both those will be given away.

Another discovery was just how many handmade socks I owned. I could wear a different pair everyday for about a month without needing to wash them. I think I had better concentrate this winter on socks for family, friends, grandchildren and charity. I really felt quite embarrassed about the number I had.


M-H said...

I am clearing clothes out more often these days - I have become much more ruthless with 'old favourites' that I actually no longer wear. But it's easy for me to have to do it by choice - very different from your circumstances. I would have found being given my own clothes in bags very hard. Good on you for being so strong. I lost a lot of things when my marriage ended suddenly, over 20 years ago now - silly things like recipe books that you don't miss for ages until you suddenly want something out of them.

M-H said...
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TinkingBell said...

Oh well done on the sorting front - but never feel embarassed by the number of socks you have - I have nearly enough to wear a different pair every day for a fortnight - and feel no guilt - I love them and match them to outfits and still make pairs for my children - if my husband is very lucky he may get another pair this winter - but he likes plain navy (round and round and round - I hate making them they're so dull!)