Friday, 14 March 2008

all unblocked

I seem to have a sieve for a mind at the moment. I still can't find the yellow ribbon I bought for the baby booties. I thought I knew where it was. Move several large boxes and unpacked the box I thought it was in. Rats! The paper bag held embroidery floss. So at least that's been added to the box with other similar materials.

Pins to block the multi-directional scarf? Nowhere to be found. I will probably buy some more. The scarf needs to be blocked and then I can start re-stocking present basket.

The long scarf may be dyed. It's called lilac in the Bendigo catalogue, although it doesn't show too well here. I think I'd like something more dramatic for a longish scarf which will be longer after blocking. It's some of the Bendogo yarn with the blue faced leicester mix in it. It knits up quickly. It will probably go to someone I know who has had a few family crises to deal with lately. She sews, not knits but appreciates all fibre crafts.

The yellow booties and hat, all unblocked still, are for a young friend who is expecting her first baby early in winter. They are in Heirloom Easycare 5 ply. Again, I'll have to get more ribbon for them, unless the original turns up soon.

The Patonyle will soon be two complete pairs of socks. Needless to say, these too need blocking. They are for the tiny granddaughter of the woman I mentioned above. The poor little mite has had less than the ideal start to life. She's only a few weeks old and has learnt to be terrified of loud voices and of men. Nothing physically involved, mercifully, but she's terrified of loud voices, even happy ones. Poor little thing. I thought I'd send her some little expression of care and concern to keep her feet warm in the winter. She lives where winter can be harsh, even for Australia. I'm contemplating making a quick jumper too. I think I probably have enough Heirloom in a matching blue to the socks for something cute.

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Lynne said...

Ooo! how awful. To be taught to fear half the population at such a young age!