Monday, 24 March 2008

finished objects

A couple of finished things this week and some which didn't see the camera. Not only some which didn't make the camera. but some which didn't even come close and have remained in the frogpond. If I listen, I can hear them calling me but there they stay for a while. It's a bit like the naughty corner. LOL! One of these was the lavender heart shown here. I was coming down with some bug and made several mistakes in this and left it. I'll start again. I have plenty of wool for it and as each segment has the wool broken after finishing, I can't be bothered pulling it back.

Today my head felt as if it were stuffed with cotton wool. As I have to go to work tomorrow after the Easter break, I thought I would take things easy. DIL wears lots of scarves, headbands, hats etc. She looks great in them. Last June I knitted her a hat in Noro which looks fantastic on her. I remembered the many pictures of the Panta headband which I saw some time ago. After searching, and finding some very weird translations, I found this equivalent on the Garn site. It took me a bit over two hours to make in some Bendigo Mystique, 70% wool, 25% mohair,5% alpaca. It's darker than shows here, just suits her. It was a surprise and she loves it, which is gratifying. The yarn was great, easy to knit with and no splitting.
This little pair of baby socks is destined for a baby in Canberra. I hope they fit. These have a short row heel which I did in garter stitch just to be different and also a short row tow. I haven't done this before and was less than impressed with the three needle bind-off when joining back to the body of the sock. I didn't think it was nice for a baby's foot at all, pulled it back and grafted the toe to the sock foot. It's the second pair I've made for her and I've now finished and put together the jumper for her. All it needs now is the buttons for the shoulder fastening. I had been planning on shopping today, but felt so blah that I totally forgot about going to Hornsby for buttons. Otherwise the jumper is finished and I just need to get and sew buttons on and package up jumper and socks and send it off.

I hope all had a great Easter break. I was upset that I didn't get to church because of illness, particularly yesterday, Easter Sunday. I'm a Christian and consider Easter very important to me and my faith. I remember the service on Easter Sunday last year was so moving that I could not hold back the tears. Unfortunately, there are probably too many for whom this weekend has not been good. I have seen many ambulances going up and down the Pacific Highway outside. There was an accident late Friday night on the corner just outside. Just horrible.

Now I must get to bed early and see how I feel in the morning. I had a very disturbed night last night with this bug, whatever it is, and am now very tired. I was awake for five hours before I finally slept again about 6:30 am. I leave home early, about 6:20 and hope I'm well enough to go.

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Lynne said...

Hi Jan - hope you're feeling better today. I too missed Sunday - I slept till 10.30am when DD finally decided it would be a good idea to wake me!