Wednesday, 26 March 2008

possum knitting

I have some merino/possum blend which I found in St Vinnies big store at Five Dock. $70 worth of wool, a pile of needles and some gorgeous old patterns cost me $2 a couple of years ago. I have since seen more of this at both Tapestry Craft and Champion Textiles. Here's a link to some of the NZ blends. What I have is 10 ply and knits to a worsted weight USA pattern.
Where I live now is very leafy and bushy. This tree is right outside my bedroom window and if there were no screen, I could touch it. The whole area is full of native trees and many others as well. Two doors from here is Killara Golf Courseand the Gordon course is down the side street next to us. Both are enormous and again many tress. so where does this go?

Last night there was a possum in one of the upstairs bathrooms here. We've had so much rain over the last couple of months that even the big trees around have grown enormously. One tree is close to the wing of the house near the bathroom next to my room. I think the baby ringtail may have been a bit adventurous near the end of a big branch and found itself on the roof. A short jump to the casement window, always open, and it was inside. I could have spun my own yarn straight from the possum's back! LOL. It found itself in the shower recess, and fortunately the screen door to shower was slid shut. Whoever got up to attend to its ruckus, put a chair in the shower near the window and left the possum to find its own way out. I have been feeling very ill with some bug and have had very little sleep. Last night I actually did sleep and slept right through.This balcony opens straight off my room. The trees here have grown enormously since the big wet of January/February. The balcony is beautiful and private.
This is three floors up and looks directly west to the Blue Mountains. Main bedroom also opens to it. There is an old lounge and a couple of scruffy but comfortable chairs. It's great for knitting. Hot days in the morning, it is in the shade with a breeze and cooler afternoons it gets some good sun. Looking back to the city, I can see at least as far as Cronulla. We are quite high here. Down in the valley is Macquarie shopping centre, Macquarie Uni and the office developments there.


Lynne said...

Ooo! A view. Actually more than one view!! I've been saying to WM quite often lately, "life's too short to live without a view"!! [I'm tired of rooftops and colorbond fences!!]

celia said...

Hi! Have you moved?? Sounds like you're around the corner from me now!!!

M-H said...

I made a cardi from possum merino last year. It was an 8-ply from Touch Yarns that I bought at a craft fair. It is sooo lovely and soft and cuddly.