Saturday, 10 May 2008

another FO but no pictures

I went to dinner last night at #2 son's. It was a longish train trip from here, but I was able to get a through. Just as well. The city platforms where I would normally have changed were packed.

So I packed the latest sock I've been making this week. They are used to train travel as i do them most mornings. I did another short row tow and finished the three needle bind off all bar about six stitches.

These are the quill lace socks from Knitty.. Finished them when I arrived there and they were immediately snaffled by DIL, so no photo. These are an easy knit. Mine were made on four dpns, rather than the two circulars. I'm not fond of ends flapping around and I just adjust the instructions. I used what I ahd hoped would be the very last of a ball of small girl favourite pink Opal, but I still have some left over. It's made granddaughter socks, baby socks and now big girl socks. I find Opal wears very well, but I don't like knitting it as it often feels like string in my arthritic hands. Some of the fingers have been protesting this week. No socks next week, I think but something a bit thicker.

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